Notes on Act I, scene iii

gentleman: steward, that is, Oswald to whom she speaks

chiding: reprimanding, scolding

fool: court jester

crime: offense 

upbraids: criticizes

come slack of former services: serve him less than before

answer: I'll say I'm responsible if he complains

question: I want him to criticize your lack of service, so we can discuss this problem openly

one: in agreement

Idle: foolish

manage those authorities: Lear wants to order people about like a king, even though he has relinquished that title.

checks as flatteries: old men who act like children must be handled with restraints rather than flattery

breed from hence occasions: I want to make an issue out of this, so I can speak to him about it.

straight: immediately

hold: maintain my plan of action


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