Larry A. Brown
Professor of Humanities and Religion
Ovid's Metamorphoses: an Introduction and Commentary
King Lear: complete text, notes, and commentary
Mahabharata: the Great Epic of India
Synopsis and notes
Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung:
Notes on each music-drama, the mythology, and musical examples
The Classical Culture Ring
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Larry Brown
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John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi: text, notes, and commentary
Theater topics: various papers on Greek tragedy, Aristotle's Poetics,  Musical Theater, Playing Hamlet, American Comedy, etc.
Sondheim Notes: articles on A Little Night Music, Pacific Overtures, and Sweeney Todd
A History of Christianity: notes for a church class
On Reading the Book of Revelation
Old Testament History
Theater photos of my productions 1989 - 2008
How Films Tell Stories (2nd ed): supplement to the textbook