Notes on Act II, scene i

Save: God save thee (a standard greeting)

ear-kissing arguments: rumors

toward: impending; this rumor of rivalry between Albany and Cornwall is not developed in the play, possibly because the two houses join together against the invasion from France.

perforce: necessarily

queasy question: of indefinite outcome, unless handled carefully

briefness and fortune: speed and good luck

descend: from his hiding place, perhaps from the inner balcony of the stage

Intelligence: information

upon his party 'gainst: about his feud with Albany

Yield: these lines alternate between direct whispers to his brother and yelling to convince others that they are fighting.

beget opinion: he cuts himself to create the impression that they were fighting

stand auspicious mistress: act as his protector

parricides: those who kill their fathers

manifold: many

in fine: finally

fell motion: deadly thrust

unprovided: unprotected

latched: lanced, wounded

alarumed: fully aroused (as by a trumpet call)

gasted: frightened (aghast)

dispatch: put to death

arch: ruler

pight: determined

unpossessing: landless, unable to inherit from his father

reposal: placing

faithed: believed (who would believe the bastard over the legitimate son?)

character: evidence in my own handwriting

dullard: you must think the world stupid not to see that you would gain by my death, and thus would have good reason to plot against me

fastened: confirmed

got: begot

capable: legally the heir

though: if

ill affected: disposed to evil

expense and waste: squandering

child-like: obedient like a good son

bewray: expose Edgar's plot

purpose: use all my resources in forming your plans to punish him

out of season: untimely, unexpected

prize: significance

from: away from

attend dispatch: await to be sent back with responses

instant use: immediate attention


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