Notes on Act V, scene iv

suffer: permit

change of object: anything new disturbs him

sensibly: he seemed to be in his right mind at the time

trifle: business

feign: fake, pretend

cutting: being cut

osier: willow tree

footing: footsteps

strangling: Ferdinand is obsessed with the Duchess' death

desert: just reward

suit: quest for justice

benefit in death: you see me now in death as I have truly been in life, a wretched thing

home: heaven

smother: (spoken to the servant) don't cry out so, or I'll kill you

banded: bandied, bounced; that is, we are fortune's playthings

sadness: I am glad to die at the hearing of such sad news

care: idle boys whose only care is how to pass the time

ague: fever, illness; life’s pleasures are as brief as the few restful hours when a fever subsides before the suffering continues

vexation: suffering

process of: reason or explanation for

son: the elder son that Delio is bringing

I do not ask thee that: I don't want you to attempt a reconciliation, as I have other plans for the Cardinal

tender: value

wont: accustomed to

forge: on the anvil

misprision: mistake

represent: imitate the silence of Antonio now

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