Notes on Act V, scene i

Aragonian brethren: the Duke and the Cardinal

misdoubt: have my doubts (as will most of the audience; Antonio appears very naive at this point)

repair: return

in cheat: subject to return to the lord only if the tenant dies without an heir or commits a major crime

invested in your revenues: take hold of lands that were Antonio's

heretic: unbeliever, skeptic

whither it is flying: to find out where your land is going

demesnes: additional land

fortify: strengthen themselves at his expense 

bound: in friendship, since Delio believes Pescara has mistreated him

ravish'd from his throat: torn from him as if a wolf had attacked him

ruddier: redder, more healthy

salary: payment to the Cardinal's whore

fright impudence: Pescara's honesty and integrity would frighten off the boldest beggars.

frenzy: madness

once: Antonio refers to the encounter in Act III, scene ii; he obviously does not yet know of the Duchess' death or of their children, or he would not be in such an amiable mood.

own shape: without a disguise

fraight: abounding with

infamous calling: this life of disgrace

falling: from Montaigne, Essays 1.32

howe'er: whatever happens

keeps rank: marches alongside


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