Notes on Act III, scene i

heath: A large tract of uncultivated open land covered with low shrubs

unquietly: in a disturbed mood

contending: quarreling 

main: mainland

eyeless: blind to his sufferings

little world of man: the microcosm which mirrors the larger world. A storm rages within Lear as well as without.

belly-pinched: starving; not even hungry animals would be out hunting on a night like this.

unbonneted: without a hat for protection

take all: Lear is staking everything, as in a game of chance

warrant of my note: based on my knowledge of you

intelligent: information gained by spying

snuffs and packings: quarrels and plots

furnishings: outward shows

scattered: divided

at point: ready

on my credit: if you trust me

bemadding: maddening

plain: complain

blood: good family

office: service to the king

out-wall: appearance

lights: sees him

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